Innovative compact device for the inhalations
For treatment and prevention: nicotine addiction, migraines and headaches, nasal congestion, infections with viruses and bacteria: herpes, COVID, tonsillitis, acute respiratory infec- tions, sinusitis, rhinitis) and many other ...

About AromaClip
Aromaclip is an innovative compact device for the inhalation of active ingredients
An important feature of this device is the ability to make external clamping parts in the form of art or jewelry.
Aromaclip is a mini inhaler made of an elastic body with one or more internal cavities, inside of which there is a porous accumulator designed to accumulate evaporating liquid substances (drugs, fragrances, oils, etc.).
One part of the device is designed to be inserted into the nasal passage, and the other part is pressed with minimal pressure against the outer wing of the nose. To ensure a secure fit and minimal visibility of the outer part, the shape of the body and the distance between the ends are chosen to fit on noses of various shapes and sizes, both men’s or women’s and children’s noses.
The device made of elastic medical-grade silicone, is attached to the nose wing. At the same time, it provides comfortable pressure in the contact zone. The cross section of the device is designed in such a way that the inhaled air picks up the flows of evaporated active substances. In this case, the diffusion of the active sub- stance occurs only in the zone of the holes, where a reduced pressure is created due to the moving flows of inhaled air. The output of the substance during inhala- tion is maximum, and during exhalation it is minimal.
How it works
Aromaclip is the fastest way to deliver active
ingredients to the body
The principle of operation is based on inhalation - a method of administering drugs or other active agents, based on the inhalation of substances in the state of aerosol, vapor or gas.
A device fixed in the nasal cavity, the porous filler of which is impregnated with a substance, allows you to accelerate the absorption time during breathing, provides a selective effect on the respiratory system, providing both a local therapeutic effect (pharynx, windpipe, bronchi, lung tissue) and a systemic effect on the entire body.
Unique features of AromaClip
Aromaclip is unique in its properties and characteristics
Safe and convenient
Effective for daily and night use
Does not cause inconvenience when using
Diverse in composition and functionality
Compact and invisible in use
Not conducive to overdose of inhalants
Easy to use
Maximum speed of action

Types of compounds
AromaClip - more than 20 main types and 10 subtypes of formulations
The device has proven its effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of a large number of diseases and ailments. The most significant of them:
Nicotine addiction
Infections with viruses and bacteria (herpes, COVID, tonsillitis, acute respiratory infec- tions, sinusitis, rhinitis)
Poor memory, lack of concentration and performance
Lack of appetite
Fatigue and loss of energy, breathing instability during exercise
Swelling of the nasal passages

Complete list and description of all compounds:

All Features of AromaClip
Aromaclip is unique in its properties and characteristics
Nozzle shape
For the optimal gas-dynamic effect of the evaporated flow, the outlet axial holes are made in the form of nozzles, which are either connected to each other in the evaporation zone or isolated from each other. Also, nozzles have both narrow and expanding parts.
Compact and invisible in use
The device is securely and aesthetically attached to the inner surface of the nose, does not cause discomfort.
Also a distinctive feature is the ability to make the outer part of the device in the form of art or jewelry.
Effective in daily use
The use of miniature atomizers in the device does not interfere with the normal respiratory process, while the normalization of the nasal mucosa is accelerated many times over. It can be used in public places, while eating, during a telephone conversation.
The body of the device is reusable
At any time it is possible to fill the porous fibrous storage device of the device with a new portion of the evaporating active substance or drug.
Not conducive to overdose
Each member of our team has at leaDiffusion of active substances occurs only when air is inhaled, when inhaling, the release of the substance from the holes is maximum, and when exhaling, it is minimal. At the same time, the concentration of these substances in the air mixture is normalized within 0.001% and acts constantly for a long time.
st 5 years of legal experience. They use their knowledge to make our clients' lives better.
Safe, convenient, simple
Aromaclip, thanks to the anatomical shape of the inhaler, does not obstruct breathing and can be used anytime and anywhere. Due to its size, it is invisible. Due to the refilling of active substances, the service life of the device is increased.
Patents & Certificates
AromaClip received patents in Germany, USA, India, Russia and China
Produced by RhinoFilt

The research company Rhinofilt GmbH (Germany), led by CEO Michael Zisser, offers a mini-inhaler developed as a result of scientific research during a joint research project with the ENT clinic of the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena.

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